This Old Quilt

In this presentation, we will examine the process that is taken when trying to determine the era in which an old quilt might have been made. We will examine actual fabrics from various time periods and discuss how clues in design, construction and textiles can help solve some of the mysteries.

1-1.5 hours

A Block By Any Other Name Is Still Pretty

Ever wonder how a quilt block got its name? Exactly who was in charge of this? Come join us as we become acquainted with Carrie Hall, Marie Webster, Ruth Finley and the significant role they played in bringing a little order to the chaos of quilt block names.

1-1.5 hours

Feed Sacks and Chicken Linen:
Using What They Had

In this workshop, the history of the lowly feed sack and the critical role it played in families across the United States will be illustrated through the use of actual feed sacks from various manufacturers. When did families start using feed sacks and why did they stop? Progress is not always a good thing.

1-1.5 hours

Tobacco Flannels

In this workshop we will explore the short heyday of the tobacco flannels.  Where could you get them and what you could do with them?  Actual tobacco flannels will be shared.

Susan Labry wrote an article about my research for after attending my keynote at the Texas Quilt Study Group in Austin.  Her article can be found at

1-1.5 hours

Signature Quilts Through Time

From the 1700’s through today’s time, quilters have signed quilts to give to friends, family,  celebrities and various organizations to raise money.  During the civil war times, signature quilts were even used to purchase a gun boat for the southern navy.  In this workshop I will bring a variety of signature quilts showing the evolution and history of signature quilts and their importance in community life.

1-1.5 hours

Each workshop will be presented through the use of actual old quilts, fabrics,

patterns and materials from the appropriate time periods.

Let’s make a Sewing Helper

This darling little romper is a reproduction of a sewing helper that I saw and just had to have. The original one was probably from the 20’s or 30’s and very fragile. I have developed a pattern so that in less than 3 hours everyone can make one from start to finish.

2016-04-06 16.45.453 hours