Supply List for Sewing Helper

Sewing Helper

½ yard fabric (thread to match)
¾ yard lace (flat or gathered, ½ inch or larger)
Basic sewing supplies
Hanger (I am bringing them)
Crushed walnuts (I am bringing them. Anyone allergic?)
Sewing machine, cord and pedal
Iron and pressing mat

This project is actually cut from a pattern, so you do not need a rotary cutter or mat. You will need your dressmaking scissors. I felt quite retro when I was making the sample. I will print the following poem on fabric for everyone, but those of you with embroidery machines may want to make your own.

Sewing Helper Poem

Put your thimble in my pocket,
Stick your needles in my knees,
Throw your thread down my neck and
Hang me where you please.