Quilt Documentation Services

Do you have a vintage or antique quilt that you would like to know more about?  I would be honored to visit with you and your quilt to delve into the history behind it.  After our visit, you will receive a written report of what I find with resource information.

My services include:

  • Identification of quilt pattern (This is assuming it is a block that appears in the research),
    • Information about the quilt block,
  • Identification of major fabrics by
    • General date of first introduction,
    • What type of fabric are used in the quilt,
    • Information on dyes used,
  • How the quilt was constructed,
  • Circa date  that the quilt was possibly constructed.

Please note that this is not an appraisal and I will not put a value on your quilt.  My sole purpose is to provide historical background.

$50.00 per quilt.